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Tips & Advice For Anxious Travelers

November 29, 2017 Travel Insurance

Does the idea of taking a trip stress you out? Do you start thinking of all the things you need to do? Or maybe all the things that could go wrong? Here are a few ways to reduce stress and hassles when traveling.

Make a last-minute to do list

Those moments before you step out of your house can be the most stressful. Don’t risk forgetting something. Take a few moments to think about everything that needs to be taken care of before you leave. You could make a list or even take some reminder photos on your phone. Note things such the thermostat to remind you to turn it down, the stove to make sure all the buttons are turned off and of all the doors and things that need to be locked.

Pack a few of your favourite snacks in your carry-on bag

Are you a bit of a picky eater? Sometimes having your favourite comfort food will help cut back on any unnecessary stress.

Check-In online

Print your tickets or save them on your smart phone 24 hours in advance to avoid one of many long lineups at the airport. If you can't print out your ticket or don't have a smart phone, you can still check in online and then print out your boarding passes at the kiosk when you arrive.  That way, when you get to the airport you don't even have to go in to the check in counter.

Keep all of your important documents, papers, itineraries, passports and IDs in a trusty folder

Having all documents in one, easily accessible place will save you from that moment of stress when you need an important paper and you worry you’ve lost it.

Arrive at the airport early

Give yourself plenty of time for any unforeseen circumstances. Try to arrive two to three hours early regardless of where you are flying. The last thing you want is to be worried about missing take off.

Create a detailed plan

After you’ve researched and thought through all the things you want to try to do at your destination, write out a detailed itinerary for yourself. Making a prioritized list will help you relax because you will already each day practically planned out. 

Map out what you need to pack

After you have planned out your daily itinerary, you’ll be able to create a list of all the essentials you need to pack. If you are hiking, swimming or going out at night, you will want to be prepared.

Always pack your favourite comfy sweater

Always pack your most comfortable sweatshirt, even if you are going someplace hot. Restaurants and airports can be chilly and having a comfort item will make your travels that much more enjoyable.

Take just a carry-on bag when possible

Nothing brings on stress more than lost luggage. If possible, pack light and carry-on so you can skip the process of checking a bag.

Schedule down time

If the idea of constantly doing things stresses you out, do yourself a favor and schedule down time. Take advantage of the perks your hotel has to offer. Indulge in a cup of warm tea and a nice bubble bath.

Purchase travel insurance before you take off

When you shop for travel insurance, be sure to read the fine print. Make sure you know exactly what is covered for your trip. Opt to buy travel insurance sooner rather than later so you can relax when you’re on your vacation.

Need stress-free travel insurance? We’ve got the right policy and coverage for every kind of trip.

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