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Does Travel Insurance Cover Skydiving in Mexico?

February 20, 2018 Travel Insurance

It’s a bone-chilling minus 40 where you live, and you just purchased the next flight out of here to your favorite tropical spot! Although you are going >to tan on the beach, you could find yourself a little bored and wanting to book some fun activities and excursions. 

Have a quick look through these exclusions on your travel policy to make sure your medical expenses would be covered should something go haywire on your wild adventures.

All basic travel packages exclude medical costs resulting from a high-risk activity. What’s considered a high-risk activity you say?

Things like:

  • Sky diving
  • Sky surfing
  • Scuba diving (exceeding 30 meters deep)
  • Mountaineering 
  • Base jumping 

Bungee jumping, ziplining, snorkeling and parasailing are ok, as long as you are not getting paid to do the activity or participating in any sort of competition.

If you’re more of a “lounge by the pool near the free drinks” kind of traveller, be aware of the medical cost exclusions for alcohol intake and prohibited drugs (this can include marijuana, even with a prescription). Although many places are legalizing this popular plant, check that your travel destination is one of them. If you find yourself rushed to a hospital because you drank a little too much, tripped and fell injuring yourself, you could be stuck with the hospital bill because the injury was a result of excessive alcohol intake.

Call a Nuera Live Adviser today to discuss your travel policy coverage. We are here to give you recommendations so all you have to worry about is not getting a sun burn. 😊

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