Amazing Brokers Apply Here

We continue to rapidly grow and need more amazing members on our team. We are an innovative insurance brokerage and technology company that is changing the way customers buy and manage their insurance. We utilize technology to make our brokers extremely efficient, add tons of value, and provide an amazing customer experience.

What are we looking for in a candidate?

You will be a confident and motivated individual who LOVES helping people and has an infectious personality with natural charisma. You embrace problems and thrive to find solutions. You get excited about anything that makes a customers insurance experience better. You are a perfectionist and take pride in your work. You treat everyone in your life fairly and with respect. You stand behind your team through thick and thin and are proud of your loyalty. You are focused and disciplined yet can take on any project thrown your way.

What qualifications do we require?

You must LOVE helping people. Don’t worry, we can teach you everything you need to know about our business, technology and processes, but we can’t train you to be an amazing person. You will receive full training to ensure you’re confident and competent before we throw you into the thick of things. A level 1 insurance license is required and some brokerage experience would be great as it would help to progress the training, but its not required.

What will your role look like?

All members of our team help customers and we all love doing it. You will assist customers with purchasing insurance and making any changes or claims if required throughout the year. We will train you on all products and systems to ensure you can provide daily assistance to our diverse clientele. We must pay close attention to all feedback customers provide and act on making changes to meet their needs and demands. Our team will embrace your ideas and opinions to assist on the user interface and the user experience. And the best part of all… The learning opportunity is endless and the role will be ever-changing as we grow our business.

Sound like the opportunity you’re looking for?

Great, based on what you’ve read above, please email us a short paragraph outlining why you would be a good fit for our organisation and the value you would provide. Also, another short paragraph outlining your love for helping people. Please include a link to your LinkedIn profile and a copy of your resume. Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? No problem, it only takes 15 minutes to create one. All qualified applicants will receive a phone interview within three days of applying.

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