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Let’s talk insurance.

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Insurance for a new era.

Ever wonder how insurance companies got away with just collecting your money?

They got away with it because times were different. Companies were less accountable to their customers. There were fewer options. There was less competition. Less transparency. Less internet.

Luckily, times have changed.

Everything is more transparent. Everyone’s more accountable. Competition is everywhere. Everything’s become simpler and more convenient. Everything’s online.

So, how are we changing things?

In 2015, we decided that we were tired of the status quo. We wanted to create something amazing. Something that puts you first. We wanted to use technology to eliminate the friction of insurance for the every day person who was as sick of the dinosaur age as we were.

Why we are here

To make your world safer, healthier and happier.

How we will do this

By inspiring people and embracing technology, we deliver a smarter insurance experience that rewards safe and healthy lifestyles and behaviour.

What we believe

Your insurance experience should be painless, preventative and ultimately rewarding.

Real People. Real Help.

All of these ridiculously good looking people are here to do whatever it takes to make you happy. Yes, we use technology to make insurance painless but when you need real help, we have real people who care here to look after you.

Don't believe how awesome we are?

We'll let our customers tell you how much they love us!

Amanda van Aggelen
Brittany was so helpful, and played around with my policy to help me find something that was equally protective and cost effective. She even reached out to...
Meghan Burns
I’ve had such prompt and positive experiences with Tiffany at Nuera Insurance. Couldn’t be happier with her support! Thanks so much.
Sharon McAndrew
I had recently moved here from Nova Scotia and was frustrated trying to get vehicle insurance in place until my daughter recommended calling Natasha...

We also love to give back.

We care so much about a healthy environment that when you buy a policy, we plant a tree. Together we are making your world a safer, healthier and happier place.

You saved oodles of paper by accepting your policy by email vs snail mail, so we are doing our part and planting trees right here in Canada.

trees planted in Canadian soil,   pieces of paper saved :)  Visit our virtual forest

We are partnered with some of our favourite Canadian brands to reward you with even more value.

Find out what makes us a not-so-ordinary insurance broker.